Scanner Access Now Easy - WIA Driver

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The WiaSane project provides a Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) Driver which enables image acquisition from scanner devices through the Scanner Access Now Easy (SANE) network protocol.

This WIA driver implements a SANE frontend on top of the SANE network protocol. It is referred to as Scanner Access Now Easy - WIA Driver.

In order to access those scanner devices either the scanner itself or a SANE daemon needs to provide a SANE network frontend to be used.

Downloads can either be found on the corresponding wiki page or on the release overview.


In order to use the SANE device created by this driver you will need to make use of a WIA-compatible scanning application. Examples include:


This software is currently build and tested against Windows 7. The required Windows API functions are available since Windows Vista, which means that it could work on Windows Vista and newer versions.



Please find this information on the GitHub project.


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